Sunday, November 6, 2011

im happy, im content

upacara makan makan lagi
Calling his another sayang baru der ;)

say cheese!
taking his picture. What a creative way huh?

Harap maklum ye ;)
No farting in the taxi!
who has the best teeth!
What do you want huh?

We went to Redbox Pavilion and look how big the room was! I was suprised yet happy. The last time i went there the room ain't that spacious probably because there were just g and I. Now we are 4 in total. As you all know, G lovessssss to sing! Besides going to the movies, he loves to karaoke. I'm not a fan but i have to admit, kinda like it now. Jonas finally get to hear me singing. I sang few songs. It was great but having sore throat and bad coughing non stop, the joy of singing needed to stop. After hours of singing, we went for movies. Paranormal activity. G was screaming loud and cursing and I was so ashamed that i had to ask G to bit his handkerchief! Funny ey? Then wandering around window shopping. Hehe best! Then went to mamak to eat again as usual!

P/s : "Part seram ni, dah gigit handkerchief tu nanti you bising"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

i am Monocromatic!

Its ChicPop and im loving it. Went there with my love and sister <3 <3 and here i am being featured in Style Snaps :)
This picture was taken by the Style Snaps's member and she was using Ipad so the picture isn't that sharp and i looked like i don't have waist while actually it was gartered at the waist.
do like Style Snaps!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Im loving my semester break!

im loving my boyfriend so much and my family! muah muah muah!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i baked moist choc cake and it taste awesome.

After putting the topping. and opps just dont mind that missing piece at the edge.
before we put the topping.

it was my first time and jadi weyy!
the cake didnt go bantat and it tastes good. everyone loves it!

Movie with sissie, What a perfect evening :)

I went out with my sister, Kufa to Pavilion. The day was Thursday and i drove the car like usual. Hehe. We had fun hangin out with our killer heels on. haha yeah we were trying to be lady like the whole day. HEHE! There are few people lookin up to us head to toe. I felt kinda weird and questions poppin out of my head. Do i look weird?, kufa said it was okay. Didnt i zip my jeans? no, i did zip it. Hmm, whatever, maybe because ughhi dont know why. Haha! so here are some of the pictures i've taken with my Blackberry and kufa's. ouh later that day, we headed to Sekinchan Ikan Bakar. It was a first time for Kufa and second as for me.

the Rancangan

My rancangan or plan in English is to finish my diploma, get my degree and start working. I am going to earn as much money as i could and then i am going to settle down. hehe! with my loved one of course. oh speaking of settling down, the first thing that came out in my mind is the place. Where do i get these thing started. Hmmm, there's a lot of place i tell you but there is one that caught my attention and that is, Kampung Pengantin. The place is big and it has nice decoration and it is near my house too. The rent expenses, i'm not really sure but i guess its affordable compared to Dewan Felda maybe. Here are some pictures of Kampung Pengantin from google. so yup i like it to be done there. Plus i've been there once with G, and yes the place is gorgeous!

lovey dovey

Here are some of the pictures of my boyfriend and I.